Dr. Fantini – Radiologist

Accurate diagnosis is the foundation for proper treatment.

Over the years Dr. Fantini has picked up a number of serious conditions which had been missed by other doctors (chiropractors, medical physicians and area hospitals) including fractures, tumors, aneurysms and other conditions requiring immediate attention. These are unusual but important situations requiring rapid referral, but just as important is the superior level of expertise he can offer his patients in the diagnosis and treatment of the common conditions handled every day in his office.

Dr. Fantini became board-certified in radiology in 1992 and has maintained certification since that time. He has a film reading practice providing second opinions for other doctors and has taught postgraduate educational courses in diagnostic imaging.

There are approximately 200 Board Certified Chiropractic Radiologists in the United States. After receiving the Doctor of Chiropractic degree (D.C.), they undergo an additional 3 to 4 years of specialty training in the field of x-ray and diagnostic imaging, then pass a rigorous examination and complete yearly continuing education in diagnostic imaging to maintain their D.A.C.B.R. radiology certification.

While all chiropractors receive training in x-ray diagnosis, board-certified radiologists are the acknowledged experts in the chiropractic field and are accredited by the American Chiropractic College of Radiology. They are the individuals who teach radiology at chiropractic colleges, perform readings on difficult cases for other doctors and teach postgraduate education courses.

Again, accurate diagnosis is the foundation for proper treatment.

To learn more about Dr. Fantini’s approach, please read his open letter to prospective chiropractic patients.

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“Chris Fantini is a superb chiropractor and chiropractic radiologist. I have been his patient since I moved to Salem in 1999. I have a number of complicated back problems. Dr. Chris has helped me through two pregnancies, which exacerbated these problems. I have also seen him for running-related injuries. Often times, I come to his office in pain, and leave feeling as though that pain has been lifted. I feel as though my overall health has improved under his care.”

– Cynthia J.