“Several years ago I was experiencing severe pain from what I learned from the pain clinic at Beth Israel was spinal stenosis (L3, 4 and 5.). I was given a steroid shot which worked, until it didn’t, and then another which was less successful. The next step was to “consider other options” (i.e., surgery). Instead I went to Dr. Fantini. I was skeptical, given the severity of my pain, that anything could be done without a major intervention, such as surgery. But under Dr. Fantini’s care I have returned this past year to a normal life of exercising, hiking, traveling and yoga. He has nearly eradicated all previous symptoms but also has trained me to be aware of any signs of potential pain and to mitigate them. His compassion and good humor gave me confidence to follow his program, and I could not be happier that I discovered him.”

– William S.

“Dr. Fantini is wonderful! I rarely know specifics of what hurts where–I tend to ignore things til I’m having trouble turning my head or walking. No problem though. Dr. Fantini always figures out what is going on and gets to work. I like that he gives me exercises and icing homework, goes to bat for me with my insurance when I need more visits, rarely makes me wait more than 5 minutes, and ultimately makes me feel so much better!”

– Lisa S.

“I’m a 59 year old man with Chronic Pain for 53 years. Searching for a magic pill with NE Baptist, MGH, and BMC I learned that there were no solutions for my daily pain, simply management of the pain. Also, I carried my clinical notes from Dr. Christian Fantini. A Havard Teaching Professor who sees patients, told me that Fantini’s notes were the most complete about my condition, from any of the Doctors I have seen. Access to treatment from Fantini’s staff is endearing, kind, and patient. I have been treated by twenty four Chiropractors prior to Dr. Fantini, and clinically he is the best I have seen. Fantini’s knowledge of pain problems is communicated in plain English, and he is diligent to make sure the patient understands what he is saying. It is with no reservations that I recommend Dr. Christian Fantini for the best and most complete evaluation and suggestions for treatment of pain. His kindness is only eclipsed by his medical knowledge.”

– John A.

“Chris Fantini is a superb chiropractor and chiropractic radiologist. I have been his patient since I moved to Salem in 1999. I have a number of complicated back problems. Dr. Chris has helped me through two pregnancies, which exacerbated these problems. I have also seen him for running-related injuries. Often times, I come to his office in pain, and leave feeling as though that pain has been lifted. I feel as though my overall health has improved under his care.”

– Cynthia J.

“Dr. Fantini is fantastic. I recommend him to anyone with back issues.”

– Christine C.