An Open Letter From Dr. Fantini

Visiting a chiropractor for the first time can be intimidating for some people, and finding a doctor that is the right “fit” is important. Having been through this process with thousands of patients over the last 30+ years, let me briefly describe my approach ….

If you believe treatment involves just “cracking your back”, that is a misconception. I use a variety of adjusting techniques appropriate to fit the patient and their condition and they do not all involve “cracking” the spine. Most patients benefit from some sort of soft tissue therapy and I am a big believer in manual trigger point therapy as an adjunct to adjustments. Also, most patients are given a tailored, home-based exercise program to strengthen and support the areas we are treating in the office. Chiropractic care, at least in my office, requires you to be an active participant in your recovery.

If you are fearful about the safety of care, you needn’t be. In all my years in practice I have never hurt a single patient or had a malpractice suit. If you are skeptical, that’s fine. Once we have had the chance to sit down, go through a history and exam, most patients get the feeling pretty quickly that they are in competent hands and have nothing to worry about.

Understand that although I have a support staff, I work alone. That means I am the one who takes your history, examines you, reviews your imaging studies and renders all treatment. This allows me a very high level of quality control. The goal is, of course, to get you better.

I am happy to work collaboratively when it is in the best interest of my patient. I both give and receive referrals from a number of medical and physical therapy offices in the area. I limit my practice to musculoskeletal conditions. This is my area of expertise. I do not treat asthma, allergies, ear infections or visceral conditions. I do not sell vitamins and supplements in my office, and will refer patients to a qualified nutritionist if they have questions in this area.

If you are concerned that once you start going to a chiropractor you will have to go forever, again you needn’t be. Most of my patients go through a specific treatment plan working towards individual goals and are then released. With that said, I do have long-term maintenance care patients who derive great benefit from regular adjustments, but that is always a matter of choice.

Two people with the same symptom may have different underlying causes for that symptom. Even though your friend tells you “I had exactly the same thing,” the cause of their problem and what made it better may be quite different from your problem and what you need to do for treatment. This is why I believe a careful and thorough initial evaluation is critically important to determine if care is appropriate for you and what must be done to get you better.

If this approach makes sense to you, I would be happy to see you as a patient.


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