Portrait of tired young business woman with laptop computerEvery person at one time or another in their lives has had a headache. While an occasional headache is nothing to be concerned with, severe and recurring headaches can significantly reduce ones’ quality of life and ability to work. While many people would not naturally think of consulting a chiropractor for headaches, they are often successfully treated with chiropractic care.

Headaches after whiplash injury are very common due to strain and sprain of the neck tissues. Many forms of tension, stress, and even migraine headaches may have their origin with nerve irritation in the upper neck. Alignment problems with the vertebrae causing stress and inflammation of muscles, nerves and other tissues are a common cause of headaches. Specific adjustments to improve alignment and mobility and reduce irritation on the delicate structures of the upper neck are often helpful in alleviating the common symptom of headache. A careful chiropractic examination, which may include x-rays of the neck area, is the first step in determining if chiropractic care may be the appropriate course to pursue.